Most frequent questions and answers

In most cases we cannot just repair or re-glue your existing headliner. The reason why the material is falling down is because the foam backing on the cloth is starting to rot and deteriorate due to heat and sun exposure that causes the petroleum based padding to break down. This padding essentially turns to dust and makes it impossible to just re-glue the material back up. The glue will bleed through the cloth and it will not stick to the residue remaining on the board. This would in-fact make it more difficult to properly clean and recover the board once new material is needed. In some cases we can tack the very back edge of the material to hold it up and in place. This really is not a repair we can give any timeframe or guarantee on. However, it has helped customers who need a quick fix to be able to get by until the headliner gets much worse and really needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, we do not work on pool covers, no matter how small or easy you think the repair is. Pool covers get very dirty, and although we have the type of sewing machine that could sew the cover as needed, it gets the machine dirty and can cause damage not only to the machine, but the jobs we work on after it. Since we work with materials that are sometimes over $200+ per yard, and projects that take days to get to the sewing stage, we cannot afford to be down a machine, or cause issues on an almost finished product.

A common misconception of convertible tops is that the glass rear window is glued to the top material. This is not the case, the glass rear window goes through a factory heat seal process that bonds the material to the glass before it is installed onto the car. There is no way for us to duplicate this seal, especially since the material tends to shrink overtime. In most cases we won’t even attempt resealing the glass to the top material. It is time consuming and there is absolutely no guarantee it will last when the top is being lowered or raised. Additionally, trying to reseal the glass to the material can cause damage to parts that are intended to be reused when a new top is installed. Meaning a higher price to fix the issue properly in the end.

Unfortunately, this really isn’t any easier of a fix. The plastic rear window on a top is stitched and sealed before being installed onto the car, and the rear window curtain is one of the first parts installed in the top process. To replace just the plastic on your rear window we would have to remove the top, or window curtain, sew in a new piece of plastic, and reinstall the part. You would be spending the same amount on labor (or more) to remove and reinstall a used part, as you would to install a brand new one, and you wouldn’t be getting any warranty on how long that used part will last. Some vehicles may be different and we can replace just the rear window curtain, or your top may be in perfect condition, so in these cases we would want to see the car to tell you definitively what the best solution would be.

Since we are not a detail company, we will not just clean your interior to remove stains, however we can give you some references on great detail companies that should be able to do this for you. If once the interior is cleaned there are still areas that have stains, we should be able to replace those sections of material. In order to give you an accurate idea on cost we would want to see the vehicle to determine the extent of the work needed and properly match the needed materials. If you have stains due to a chemical spill, we would replace the needed material and properly clean the areas to ensure there wouldn’t be further damage due to any residue that maybe remaining.

In some cases we can repair minor areas to freshen up the interior, especially if it is to an area that is hardly ever touched or used, or a vehicle you are selling/ trading in. However, we will not re-dye your entire interior. This process is essentially just applying a paint like top coat to the leather, so it will not wear as well as leather that is made to be the desired color, therefore the lifespan of the color staying and looking decent is limited. You should also keep in mind the condition of the leather. If it is dried out, shrinking, and/or cracking, just dying the area really will not fix the problem since the material is breaking down. Normally if it is a high wear area (i.e. driver seat, grab handles, shift knobs, steering wheels) we would suggest replacing that section of material. If you do not like the color of your interior we may be able to get replacement covers and materials or parts to properly change the interior color to ensure the longest lasting, best finished product possible.

We do NOT work directly with insurance companies for payment and claims. Since we are not an auto body or glass company, insurance companies tend to take forever to pay us, and when they do, it is not easy to ensure the payment will be for the full amount. For this reason we highly suggest that you come by first for a full written estimate that you can then submit to your agent or insurance company. Any amount they cover should be made payable directly to the insured. Once the job is completed, in most cases, your insurance company will send you a supplemental check to cover any remaining balances after they receive the final bill from you. We will certainly help you with the claim process and speak to your insurance company about the work being performed and associated costs. However, please note that we require a deposit to schedule an appointment and order any parts or materials. From there the final balance is due in full when the car is picked up. This means if you do not have enough funds to cover the balance on your own, you will need to ensure you receive the insurance check before coming to get your car.

We do some repairs to home furniture like replacing worn out foam in cushions, fixing up basic bar stools or chair cushions, or recovering/ restoring old sentimental pieces. That being said, our primary focus is automotive, marine, and hospitality/ restaurant applications. If it is something major, or you are on a tight time line, we would suggest looking for an upholstery company who specializes in residential furniture. Given we are always busy with items that are our main focus, it could be months until we are able to recover your piece. You should also keep in mind the furniture you are looking to recover. In most cases, newer furniture is not intended, or made well enough, to merit recovering. If you can find something comparable to replace the piece, it will most likely be more cost effective than recovering it.

We have done many therapeutic foam modifications for customers in the past. We may be able to modify the existing padding to get you to be more comfortable, or we can make an external pad to help. To be able to tell what is feasible based on your needs and vehicle, please come by to discuss all the details. If you choose to move forward, in most cases we will make an appointment for the work to be done on a day you are able to wait with the car. This way you can test things as they are being modified and worked on. Since everyone is different, what we have done in the past may not be what you are needing. Having you wait while the work is being performed helps to ensure we get things right before the final assembly of the seat, making for less back and forth and therefore result in less labor costs in the end.